Su Familia Journey Begins
The Foundation

Meet Gloria Flores, Gaspar Flores, and Nelly Lara, the foundation for Su Familia Real Estate. Although Mr. Flores led Su Familia in the early years, he couldn't have done it without support from his wife, Gloria, and co-founder, Nelly.

The team spent countless hours overcoming challenges, executing ideas, and, most importantly, helping clients find and sell their homes.

Original Office
No Risk, No Reward

As Su Familia's reputation grew, so did its client base. Mr. Gaspar used all of their savings to purchase Su Familia's first location on Cermak between the Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods.

They were determined to build a company that helped create generational wealth and financial freedom for families in the Latino community.

Why the Name Su Familia?
Family is the Nucleus

Regardless of our background, we are here to support each other, like Family. 

We believe Family is inclusive and helps us develop a sense of identity and belonging. Our goal is to help people pass down traditions, values, and beliefs, and provide a sense of continuity and stability.

Su Familia Expands
Su Familia Remains Humble and Grounded

For Su Familia, real estate is more than just a job or a business—it's a passion. We love helping people find their dream homes and invest in their futures. We take great pride in knowing that Su Familia is making a difference in the lives of so many people. 

Opening a second office helped us reach more families. 

9/11 Changes the World
New Perspective on Life and Business

Following the attacks, the US economy experienced a significant downturn, and many businesses did not survive the aftermath.

However, many small businesses also demonstrated resilience and creativity in adapting to the new economic and security environment. Su Familia relied on its strong foundation and financial preparedness. Su Familia did not take things for granted. The tragedy forced us to improve our business operations and client service in case of any other major event.

All Desserts

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