So Your House is Going Up for Sale!


You decluttered like crazy to go on the market and the pictures look great but you are still living in the home. That’s okay! The house doesn’t need to be immaculate. You should, however, make an effort to clean up in between showings. Remember that each showing is a first impression and it’s important the prospective buyers like your home. Here are some tips for surviving multiple showings of your home. 

  1. Plan to leave your home during showings. Prospective buyers do not expect to find you at home. Unless it is entirely impractical for you, take the family and pets for a drive.
  2. Do not leave dirty pots, pans on the stovetop. If they must sit in the sink, rinse them!
  3. Make an effort to air out the kitchen after cooking. Glade plug-ins help.
  4. Make an effort to air out the bathroom after showering. Glade plug-ins help.
  5. Try to keep all of the dirty laundry in the laundry room. If it must stay in each bedroom, cover the bin with a towel for showings.
  6. Make sure the walkways inside the home are clear of shoes and clothes.
  7. Make sure the walkways outside the home are clear of dog poop and snow, when applicable.
  8. If you have google/alexa capabilities, music is great for ambience.
  9. Lock all of the doors. Agents showing your home will have access using a key.
  10. Make sure the booties are by the door and there is somewhere to sit and put them on.

All visitors to your home should be accompanied by a licensed real estate agent. It is a license law violation to have buyers accessing the home without an agent. Please let your Realtor know right away if the home has been left unsecured. If you have a home security system or ring doorbell, remember that you may not record the visitors prospective buyers without disclosing to your agent and the prospective visitors and their agents.

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