Parenting Hacks for Packing Up

Moving is a stressful time for parents. When we were moving, we weren’t prepared for the separation anxiety the kids got with all of their things. Balancing a budget, maintaining schedules and meal times becomes a bit harder when packing and moving get thrown in the mix.

Below are some helpful tools to help ease the stress sure to trickle down to your little ones.

There are plenty of books, legos, stuffies and blankies that do not hold a special place in my heart, so it’s okay if they don’t mean the world to you either. Find a rattan basket for each room and set it in a corner. They are trendy and so practical.

First, have each of the kids walk through their room, then the living room and kitchen. Have them choose things they will miss so much before moving. (Items must fit in their bin, so make sure it’s a larger bin.) Don’t be surprised if that one toy behind the couch is the one they adore and need to keep. Now here’s the hard part, you’re going to let them put it in their bin.

Next, you’re going to give your kids a job. “Since we’re moving, we’re going to need your help! Can you help us wipe down the sink in the bathroom before school?” It can be a small or big task, depending on their age and ability. Make sure you assign it and make sure they do it. When kids see their parent(s) doing a lot of work, they empathize. Bring them along for the ride. It will make them feel included in this family milestone. 

Lastly, you’re going to make sure they’re around. While you’re packing, cleaning, visiting the storage facility. You will be tempted to drop them off at their Grandparents’ house, have them visit a friend, and to pack when they’re at school. Try to have them present while you pack so that they understand this chapter is closing for a new, exciting one you’re anticipating.

Your car will become a temporary home to things you never thought you’d have in it. Remember to keep snacks, water and wet wipes on hand in the same spot so that when your car is full, you can still access the *essentials.*

One year, our kids found a silly Elephant sticker amidst moving. We stuck him onto our dashboard and called him our Moving Buddy because he kept reappearing. He was with us through the move and the kids loved to ask him for help when we were rushing out of the house for showings. “Hey Elefante, play pancake robot,” “Hey Elefante, did I leave the lights on?” Then we sent him on his way a few weeks after we had settled into our new home.

Moving is a huge deal. 

Buying a home is a building block for building generational wealth. But kids don’t know that. Passing these values on to our kids starts with intention. 

Kids remember the little things. Amidst the madness of moving, remember to check in with the babies. They’ll remember.

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