Our Roots


Our Journey Begins
  • Gaspar Flores Sr. buys out his original partners and continues building Su Familia with the support of his wife, Gloria Flores (left), and co-founder, Nelly Lara (right).
  • The team spends countless hours overcoming challenges, executing ideas, and helping families find and sell their homes.
Original Office
  • Mr. Gaspar uses all of his savings to purchase Su Familia's first location on Cermak between the Pilsen and Little Village neighborhoods
  • Although the purchase was a huge risk, Mr. Flores was determined to help create generational wealth and financial freedom for families in the community.
Why the Name "Su Familia"
  • Regardless of our background, we are here to support each other, like Family.
  • We believe Family is inclusive and helps us develop a sense of identity and belonging.
  • Our goal is to help people pass down traditions, values, and beliefs, and provide a sense of continuity and stability.
Su Familia Purchases 2nd Location
  • We take great pride in knowing that Su Familia is making a difference in the lives of  many people.
  • Opening a second office allows Su Familia to assist more families.
9/11 Disrupts the Economy
  • Following the attacks, the US economy experienced a significant downturn, and many businesses did not survive the aftermath.
  • However, many small businesses, including Su Familia, demonstrated resilience and creativity in adapting to the new economic reality.
  • Su Familia streamlined business operations and established new emergency guidelines.
Gaspar Flores Sr. helps establish NAHREP Chicago
  • Mr. Flores recognizes that a unifying organization can help more Latinos achieve sustainable homeownership
  • Early involvement helps Su Familia establish a national presence.
  • NAHREP Chicago starts with 16 members and now has 3 chapters with over 1000 members in Illinois.
Su Familia Purchases 3rd Location
  • Opening a third office on Kedzie allows Su Familia to assist more families.
Su Familia Helps Overturn HB4050
Su-Familia-Real-Estate-Gaspar-Flores-Jessie Jackson
  • HB4050 targets black and brown neighborhoods, making it difficult for families to obtain home loans. 
  • Su Familia brings together agents, lenders, and families from the affected neighborhoods and organizes events, creating awareness about the predatory lending rules hidden within HB4050. 
  • Su Familia agents go from home to home to inform families.
Real Estate Market Crashes
  • Leadership at Su Familia sees early signs of an economic downturn. 
  • Su Familia strategically consolidates offices and streamlines operations.
  • Many brokerages closed, but Su Familia accepted new agents, enabling growth.
Su Familia Obtains Freddie Mac Certification
  • The Market Crash led to a record number of foreclosed homes. Banks needed brokerages to help sell foreclosed homes.
  • The certification process to manage Federal Home Loan Mortgage REOs is thorough.
  • Requires brokerages to have a clean record of delivering results, local and national presence, and as well as healthy financials. 
  • Su Familia has maintained certification for over 13 years.
Gaspar Flores Jr. Serves As President of NAHREP Chicago
  • Jr. combines family legacy with fresh perspectives and ideas for the NAHREP's mission and goals.
  • During his presidency, NAHREP Chicago was awarded Chapter of the Year.
Nelly Lara Named Managing Broker of the Year by CAR
  • Out of 1,000s of brokerages in Chicagoland, Nelly Lara takes home the REALTOR® Managing Broker Award. 
  • The award symbolizes excellence, exceptional skills, hard work, and dedication.
  • Chicago Association of REALTORS® is the largest real estate organization in Illinois, with over 17,000 members.  
New Location, New Partnership
Su-Familia-Real-Estate-Sanchez & Rivera-Title
  • Su Familia expands to Bolingbrook in the suburbs and also partners with Sanchez & Rivera Title, the first Hispanic title company in the U.S. 
  • Su Famalia and Sanchez & Rivera Title share many of the same business and family values, which led to a natural alliance. 
Su Familia Obtains MBE Certification
  • The City of Chicago certifies Su Familia as a Minority Business Enterprise.
  • MBE certification helps Su Familia compete for government contracts.
COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Having learned from past major events, Su Familia quickly adapts to the pandemic economy.  
Su Familia Celebrates 25th Anniversary
  • Su Familia celebrates 25th Anniversary and partners with Artist Pablo Serrano for a new mural at the Pulaski location.

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